Play will explore the problems faced by dyslexics

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A MILNGAVIE wrITER explores the topic of dyslexia in the art world in her new play called Lottery.

Lowri Potts, from Mains Estate, has written for broadcast television, newspapers, magazines, interactive exhibitions, and short films.

She has also run reading and creative writing clubs for children and is currently working on a second youth novel but this is her first play.

Lottery tells the story of Alan who is racing against time to find his lost lottery ticket.

He meets Fizz who has come to study in the sanctuary of the local library and they find a bright mixture of truth, pain, love and something that both young people were missing, a voice, among the books.

Lowri said: “I wrote this play as a response to meeting so many dyslexic young people working in the creative industries.

“I was inspired by their individual stories and the difficulties they encountered every day.

“I’m not dyslexic myself but writing this helped me wrestle with some of society’s conflicting attitudes to this learning difference.

“One person with dyslexia told me that they don’t think in straight lines, they think in fireworks and I undertood that explanation.

“It was fun to write, and I’m loving watching the actors put their heart and soul into the characters.

“Ultimately, I hope Lottery will help raise awareness, particularly among young people who often suffer silently and do not ask for support.


“One in ten of us is thought to be dyslexic in some way, including Scottish racing driver Jackie Stewart, entrepreneur Richard Branson, scientist Albert Einstein, film producer Walt Disney, singer/songwriter John Lennon and chef Jamie Oliver.

“It hasn’t stopped them but many young people are being held back because they are not receiving the right support early in their education.

“Help is available from teachers, friends, families and also from charities such as Dyslexia Scotland and Dyslexia Scotwest.”

Lowri has also worked as a part-time adviser for Cultural Enterprise Office, Scotland’s business support service for creative businesses and practitioners, since 2005.

Lottery, directed by Charlotte Allan, is an East Renfrewshire Council Arts production and will tour schools in East Renfrewshire before one public performance in Clarkston Library, Glasgow on September 29 at 8pm.

The library has limited capacity so book tickets in advance by phoning the box office 0141 577 4970 or book online at Tickets cost £6/£5

For more information about dyslexia support go to or