Safety fears raised at busy junction

Drymen Road, Alan Ingram at dangerous junction  - Drymen Road/Manse Road
Photo by Emma Mitchell

Drymen Road, Alan Ingram at dangerous junction - Drymen Road/Manse Road Photo by Emma Mitchell 14/2/14

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A Bearsden man claims that urgent action is needed to make a ‘hazardous’ junction near Brookwood Library safer for pedestrians.

Pensioner Alan Ingram, from North Grange Road, became increasingly worried about the danger to pedestrians crossing at the junction of Drymen Road/Manse Road when he saw a young girl being almost knocked down by a car there recently.

There was a horrific accident at the same place, a number of years ago, when an elderly woman was hit by a lorry and as a result had a leg amputated.

Mr Ingram, who was a senior lecturer in maths and computing at a further education college, said: “Since retiring I walk along Drymen Road every day and I’ve noticed that there are a lot more cars and it’s used as a rat run - with motorists going far too fast.

“The corner of this junction is rounded and flattened which means that cars can speed round without slowing down. This problem is made worse by the red strip for pedestrians to walk on which gives them a false sense of security. I’ve seen lots of near misses there when people walk out and a car comes from nowhere.

“The young girl recently got quite a fright and jumped backwards when the car cut right in front of her.

“The driver was shaking her head as though the girl was in the wrong, but the highway code says that a pedestrian has right of way once they start crossing.”

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services, said: “The council takes road safety extremely seriously and the red strip highlights to drivers that this is a location where pedestrians are likely to cross. Pedestrians on the crossing strip on Manse Road should have good visibility to vehicles in both directions and be able to judge when it is safe to cross.

“The council is investigating possible alterations to Bearsden Cross to make that a more attractive route and divert drivers away from Manse Road.”

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