Easterton Stables owners hit out at ‘vicious rumour’

Mugdock Easterton Stables'Photo by Emma Mitchell'12/4/13
Mugdock Easterton Stables'Photo by Emma Mitchell'12/4/13

THE owners of Easterton Stables at Mugdock say they have followed all the necessary precautionary steps to prevent the spread of an infectious horse virus at their premises.

Easterton Stables is a fully licenced riding school and livery yard, approved by the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) and the British Horse Society, and run by proprietors Rosemary Brown and David Ralston.

They have put four horses into isolation since the outbreak of the virus in January and they vehemently denied rumours that have been circulating in the area that any horses at the stables have been infected with the highly contagious equine virus ‘strangles’, which can be fatal.

Mrs Brown said: “This is a vicious rumour with no truth in it whatsoever.

“The virus which has affected the horses here has not been identified as strangles.

“For any infection at any time we follow the correct procedure which has been recommended for all licensed riding schools and is routine for us.

“Our premises have a bio-secure system which has been endorsed by the council and regular checks are made by vets.”

A spokesperson for Stirling Council, told the Herald: “Suspected animals at Easterton Stables have been quarantined on advice of their own vet.”