Cemetery hit by thieves in late night robbery

Langfaulds Cemetery, Bearsden
Langfaulds Cemetery, Bearsden

Thousands of pounds worth of maintenance machinery has been stolen during a late-night raid on Langfaulds Cemetery in Baljaffray.

Police say the thieves gained access to a secured yard last Sunday night before making off with a number of high-value items.

It is believed the thieves had snapped the padlock on the cemetery gates during the raid before driving off with council vehicles and other heavy maintenance equipment.

In spite of the break-in, council officials have assured residents that there has been no disruption to the cemetery services at Langfaulds.

Police are continuing their investigation and have issued a public appeal for witnesses or for any information.

Among the machinery taken was a top-end lawnmower and jackhammer, along with a maintenance buggy vehicle and flat bed trailer.

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said cemetery staff have continued their duties due to sharing arrangements with colleagues.

She said: “Despite the theft of equipment, there is no disruption to the cemetery service at Langfaulds or any other Streetscene service.

“Staff are maintaining operations through a combination of sharing equipment with other areas and rescheduling non-essential work.”

She added: “These temporary measures will be in place until appropriate replacement arrangements are completed.”

Anyone with information can call Kirkintilloch Police Station on 101 or contact investigators anonymuosly through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.