Are big cats on the prowl in Milngavie and Bearsden?

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HAVE you seen a big cat prowling the highways, byways, parks and gardens of Milngavie, Bearsden and beyond?

If so, a team of experts wants you to share your experiences.

The National Big Cat Watch weekend is taking place over the weekend of March 23 and 24 and people are being asked to volunteer by giving up their as much time as they can spare to take part.

Mark Fraser who is organising the weekend said: “We just want some hard evidence to back up these sightings.

“More than 90 per cent of them turn out to be large black domestic cats. But we do know they exist.

“In 1980 a puma was caught outside Inverness and I have worked on a case in Lincolnshire were recovered hairs where found to be that of a black leopard.”

People can get involved by watching in their own chosen area, either for the full weekend, a day, a night or even just a few hours.”

Last year, a sighting was made in Strathblane and there were others throughout the Campsies.

In January, 2010, a pensioner described how she found footprints which could have been made by a big cat in the snow in her garden in Dunglass Place, Milngavie.

The discovery followed a string of sightings in Milngavie that winter.

A woman told the M&B Herald: “I looked out the window and saw it walk down the street. It must have been about four feet tall and it had green eyes.”

People wishing to get involved can watch in a their own chosen area, either for the full weekend, a day, a night or even just a few hours and it can be from a hide, a tent, a folded up chair in a field, or a car.

There is a form to complete to collate any sights and it can be viewed at

For more information on how to take part go to

Have you seen big a cat? Have you taken photos or video? Call the Herald on 956 3533 or e-mail